Thursday, December 17, 2009

I have survived!

I have officially finished my semester of post-bac (bring me up to speed) work and will start grad school in Jan. I am FREE (except for work) until Jan. 11!

First, for those of you who don't facebook *cough Mom #1*, here is a recap. If you do facebook, feel free to scroll on down.
Nov. 21 - 8:26am - I'm off to Keller to watch Cooper play football and Cason play baseball.

Nov. 22 - 10:12am - Had a lovely day in Keller yesterday visiting family and friends. Cooper "Sand-Man" Sanders did a great job and his team won. Cason's game was canceled so I'll have to see him play another time. I also finally got to taste a Chuckie burger.

Nov. 22 - 1:49pm - I did not do so hot on Test from Hell: 2nd edition, but oh well, I still have a 'B' in the class.

Nov. 23 - 10:03pm - KJ and I just got home from seeing "New Moon." I saw "Men Who Stare at Goats" yesterday. I think 2 movies in 2 days may be a record for me. Thank goodness Olene gave me movie passes.

Nov. 25 - 10:44am - I'm off to work. Ho-Hum.

Nov. 25 - 10:18pm - Picked up cheesecake that Olene ordered for tomorrow - check, have fruitcakes to Audie from Olene - check, have bag of clothes and toys for Carson from Rachel & delivered by Olene - check, bought the rolls I'm supposed to bring - check - KJ and I leave at 7:00am for Wichita Falls!

Nov. 27 - 9:10am - Had a great Thanksgiving yesterday! KJ and I will be heading back to Waco this afternoon.

Nov. 27 - 9:34pm - I'm home with big plans for the weekend. First priority is to do something about the stinky dog, Curly. Next priority is to unstinkify everywhere Curly has stunk up. Third - clean the rest of the house, and lastly - put up the Christmas decorations!

Nov. 27 - 11:54pm - One task down - Curly has been given a haircut, bathed, oiled up (skin problems), given a doggie breath mint and denta stick, and no longer least for a little while.

Nov. 30 - 12:30am - The house is more or less clean, definitely much cleaner than it was, and the inside Christmas decorations are up. Unfortunately, all that cleaning and decorating made my back hurt too much to sleep which is why I'm on here after midnight.

Nov. 30 - 7:31pm - I just took my turkey out of the oven. I bought two when they went on sale after Thanksgiving. I LOVE turkey.

Dec. 1 - 9:47am - I was changing out a framed photo of KJ when I discovered this hiding behind his picture. **Eeeek**

Dec. 2 - 10:33am - I'm turning in my last three assignments today and then all I have left to do is STUDY for finals. Yay! On that note, I was reading out loud last night (helps me focus) from the Dive Physiology chapter in Animal Phys and Sammie fell asleep before I finished half a page. Guess he's not interested in the subject.

Dec. 4 - 5:27pm - I have officially registered for the Fall and am REALLY glad I only have to take 9 hours to be full-time.

Dec. 5 - 2:29pm - Well, today is a first. I'm taking KJ to a bar. Actually, his band is playing there this evening. When he asked me if it was okay, I said, "you do realize I'll be there the ENTIRE time." He agreed so I get to play chaperone tonight. He's the only one under 18, but only one member of the band is 21 or over.

Dec. 7 -10:49am - One more class to go and then classes are OVER...just have to survive finals. I only have one really hard one, but it will be a killer.

Dec. 7 - 8:00pm - Ever leave the house wearing pajama pants, T-shirt, and house shoes, because you will not be getting out of the car...and then have to get out of the car? I was dressed this way to run KJ over to a friend's house to study for a final they have tomorrow. It turned out that the power was out in that part of town so no studying. On the way back to our house, KJ suggested renting a movie from Redbox which I agreed to (after he studies of course). Our nearest Redbox is at a gas station so there we stood, both in plaid pajama pants, me in hot pink hot shoes, KJ in checkered vans renting our movie. The kicker is that we went INSIDE to get sodas. I told KJ we were doing a white-trash impersonation.

Dec. 9 - 11:28am - I've been fighting a sinus-triggered migraine since the middle of the night. I'm up to a total med count of 2 Fioricet, 4 Advil, and countless reheatings of the bed buddy across the left half of my head. It has finally receded some, but the vision in my left eye is all blurry. This sucks.

Dec. 9 - 2:33pm - Headache is pretty much gone which means the studying can resume. I went to bed studying dive physiology (which may have something to do with the resulting migraine) and am now on to circulation. I'm working my way backwards through the semester.

Dec. 9 -6:50pm - Circulation chapter is going slowly...

Dec. 10 - 12:06am - I now know about circulation in mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians. I'm done for the night.

Dec. 10 - 8:44pm - Tonight's review will be respiration. See ya in a few hours...

Dec. 11 - 11:14am - 1 final down, three to go.

Dec. 11 - 10:27pm - Disco Elves

Dec. 11 - 10:31pm - Hip Hop Elves

Dec. 11 - 10:33pm - Country Elves

Dec. 12 - 8:46pm - I'm trying to relieve stress with comfort food. I cooked a 12 pound turkey today and just ate a pile of turkey with a pile of mashed potatoes, all covered in turkey gravy (kind that comes in a jar).

Dec. 13 - 1:16pm - Slightly less stressed since I just realized I only need an 80 on my Statistics final to keep an 'A' and only need a 40 for a 'B'. This means I can keep studying for Vert Phys instead of switching over to Stats.

Dec. 14 - 10:43am - 2 tests down, 2 to go.

Dec. 15 - 1:37am - 7:00pm-1:00am = studying with a friend at library. Home now and heading to bed so I can return to library by 5:30.

Dec. 15 - 11:52am - The final from hell is over!!!! I have one more tomorrow, and then I'm done.

Dec. 15 - 10:56pm - *sigh* Staying up late studying and napping in the afternoon has screwed with my sleep pattern. I'm WIDE awake.

Dec. 16 - 11:48am - I'm DONE! I'm still waiting on one last grade, but so far 3 A's and 1 B.

Dec. 16 - 6:53pm - Crap, crap, crap! I had two tests of 100 each and a class participation grade of 95 in Evolutionary Biology. I bombed the final (don't know how, I thought I did decently- it was open book and I looked up most of the answers) which dropped my average to 89.75 and he DID NOT round up to 90 so I got a &%$ 'B' in the class. *fuming* (This is something I added in my comments to this. This professor is a great lecturer and one of my favorites. I knew he did not round since he said so at the beginning of the semester. I was just mad, because I expected to have an 'A'.)

Dec. 16 - 6:55pm - On top of all that, my great-aunt was giving me a hard time earlier today, because I had made a 'B' and did not get straight A's. I was happy with THAT 'B', just not the second one. *still fuming*

Now that everyone is up-to-date, on to new stuff.

I spent quite some time last week volunteering at the Scholastic Book Warehouse Sale. I spent that book credit on KJ a pile of books and a few for my nephews. KJ and I are going to volunteer again in the morning so I can finish my shopping for the nephews and for my youngest niece. We have some friends coming over for Christmas cookie decorating tomorrow afternoon.

My parents are coming down Christmas day and are bringing a car for KJ. He is beside himself with excitement! It will certainly make things easier on me schedule-wise.

I'll blog more regularly now, at least until school starts back.

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MOM #1 said...

Well, thanks for the full service update. ;-) I may be a little behind the times on technology, but I'm still curious to know what's going on, LOL.

That's too bad about that second B. I know you've been working your buns off with all you've had going on.

Congratulations on surviving this far. On to grad school now, eh?