Friday, November 20, 2009

updates from facebook

Nov. 8 - 9:10am - No sleeping in for me today. The man who sometimes mows my yard (when I've let it get away from me) was here at 8 to finish up from last week when his lawn mower died. Sammie hates strange men and spent the entire time running from window to window barking his fool head off.

Nov. 10 - 8:47pm - Breath in, breath out, breath, breath out...I'm trusting KJ with a little more independence and am now sitting here wringing my hands waiting for him to call.
Edited to add that KJ was allowed to drive to Hillsboro at 9:00 at night. He made it okay.

Nov. 13 - 8:34pm - It's been a l-o-n-g week full of tests, projects, and homework. One more busy week and then things slow down until finals. I can hardly wait until Thanksgiving.

Nov. 14 - 11:00pm - Long, but productive day today. I did some work related stuff, visited with a friend, took KJ to Guitar Center in Killeen since it was the closest place for a part that broke off his bass drum pedal, did laundry, vacuumed, sprayed for fleas, bathed Curly, actually cooked lunch and supper, showed KJ where the fuse boxes in the car and how to tell if one has blown, and did a little more work on my 3-D farm project.

Nov. 15 - 1:03pm - I'm off to work at store #2 today. Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho....

Nov. 16 - 12:21am - The farm project is done! I can now have my dining room table back.

Nov. 16 - 12:21pm - 100% on my farm project, thank you very much.

Nov. 16 - 11:00pm - Had a wonderful music-filled evening at the MCC Rock Band Concert. I had to restrain myself from standing up and yelling, "That's my baby rocking the drums!"

Nov. 17 - 1:03pm - If I top off a healthy lunch of tuna on whole wheat crackers with Schwan's Peppermint Stick ice cream, that would make it a "balanced" meal, right? Right?

Nov. 17 - 5:03pm - This is what Sammie and I do several times a day. If I don't, he is not tired enough to sleep at night.

Nov. 18 - 7:55am - I was fighting a headache yesterday evening, took a migraine pill and laid down to rest for a few minutes, and woke up 3 hours later having missed study group. Then, however, I was wide awake and stayed up late reading my animal physiology book and now, I'm sleepy. I need a better routine...

Nov. 18 - 11:08pm - Emily's new favorite spot now that's it's getting cool enough to light the heater. Please ignore the large amounts of dog hair. I'm too swamped with school stuff to sweep.

Nov. 19 - 6:52pm - I got into grad school! Woo Hoo!!! I have not been officially informed, but found out today that I'm IN!! *happy dance*


MOM #1 said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! on getting into grad school. I know I've asked before, but I can't remember . . . what are you studying?

I wish my doggy could catch a frisbee like that. That's awesome.

Rebel said...

I will be getting a Master of Science in Biology. What will you be taking this Spring?